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Logging onto the photocopiers with your Myki

Posted by Michael Greenhill
Updated on February 21, 2017

Since 2017 it has been possible to log onto the Xerox photocopiers around the school (Library, V Block, and staff areas) using your Myki card. These new photocopiers do not have the swipe card reader previously used to release your print jobs or to photocopy.

Releasing jobs?

When you print to the Xerox BW Copiers or Xerox Colour Copiers print queues your document is placed in a release queue. This means the document won’t be printed until you log onto one of the photocopiers and release it.

Associating your Myki with your user account

Before you can use your Myki to log onto the photocopiers you must first associate it with your account.

When the photocopier screen is prompting for a username and password, tap your Myki on the card reader area (this is to the left of the photocopy platen). The photocopier will then advise you that this card is unknown, and prompt you to log in. The process of logging in associates that Myki with that user account.

Logging in to print or photocopy

After you have associated your Myki with your account, simply tap your card in the same spot to log in. The photocopier will detect that the card is associated to your user account and log you straight in.

Updated on February 21, 2017

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