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I don’t receive new emails

Posted by Michael Greenhill
Updated on August 31, 2016

So you’re using Office 365, but for some reason you’re not getting any new emails. Let’s break this down into scenarios:

Personal device

If you were previously receiving emails to your mobile phone or personal device, such as an iPad or Android tablet, this will need to be re-configured for use with Office 365.

The best way to achieve this is to head to your device’s app store and download the Microsoft Outlook app. Being a Microsoft app this works best with Office 365, giving you access to Archives, the global address book, groups, and calendars.

Set up Outlook on your iOS device

We have a document dedicated to the setup of Outlook on Apple iPhone/iPad/iPads.

Set up Outlook on your Android device

We have a document dedicated to the setup of Outlook on Android devices.

Outlook on my Windows PC

We have a document dedicated to the setup of Outlook on your Windows PC.

I’ve done that, but it’s still not working!

Send yourself a test email from a different account. This is very important; if you email to yourself, from your @whsc.vic.edu.au account, Office 365 will simply route it internally rather than go out to the internet to deliver it. In other words, it will always go into your Inbox. However, if you send an email from a personal account (eg Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), then this will go out to the internet and should arrive in your Inbox.

If your test email never arrives, one of two things will happen.

Bounce email

This is the most likely result if your test email never arrives. The various mail servers have essentially given up trying to deliver the email, and have instead bounced it back to you with an error report. This error report is quite useful, so hang on to it for the IT Department to review later.

No bounce email

In this case, the destination email server accepted delivery, but you never saw it. It’s worth checking your Junk Email / Spam folders, as well as the Clutter folder. If that still doesn’t yield any results, head to https://office365.whsc.vic.edu.au/mail and search for it (you gave your test email a subject, right?).

If you still can’t find it, talk to the IT Department. Tell us when you sent it and from which address. We can look at the email server logs.

Updated on August 31, 2016

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