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Create an Office 365 group

Posted by Michael Greenhill
Updated on October 4, 2016

Groups is a feature of Office 365 that provides a shared workspace for collaboration and sharing. The workspace comes with a shared inbox, calendar, document library, OneNote notebook, and planning tool.

An Office 365 group is different from a contact group (formerly called a distribution list). A contact group is a set of email addresses. You can use the contact group to send an email message or meeting invitation to all the addresses at once. To create a contact group, see Create a contact group.

  1. To create your Office 365 group, first open up your web browser and navigate to http://office365.whsc.vic.edu.au/mail, entering in your username and password if prompted.
  2. In the navigation pane, next to Groups, select the + button. (If you don’t see the + button, hover your mouse over the navigation pane.)Left navigation pane in Outlook on the web with Create button highlighted
  3. In Choose a name, enter a group name that briefly captures the spirit of the group.
  4. A suggested group ID is provided. To assign a different name to your group which will be part of the group URL, click Edit next to the Group ID box.

    If you see “not available,” the group ID is already in use. Try something different. Note that once you choose a group ID, it cannot be changed.

  5. In Add a description, enter a detailed description of the group to help others understand its purpose. This description will be included in the welcome email when others join the group.
  6. In Privacy, do one of the following:
    • To create a group in which anyone within your organisation can view its content and become a member, select Public.
    • To create a group in which membership requires approval by a group owner and only members can view group content, select Private.
  7. To enable subscribed members to receive email and calendar event notifications in both their group inbox and personal inbox, select Subscribe members so they receive group conversations and calendar events in their inbox. This is recommended when members belong to multiple groups because it means they can see all group notifications in one place without having to visit each group mailbox in order to stay current with group activity.
  8. Select Create.Create group pane with all information filled out
  9. If you’re ready to add members to your newly created group (you aren’t able to add external users at this time), continue with the create group wizard. Otherwise, select Not now. You can always come back and add group members later.
Updated on October 4, 2016

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