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Can I use my own laptop?

Posted by Michael Greenhill
Updated on August 29, 2016

It is school policy, adopted and ratified by School Council, that all families wherever possible buy into our BYOD programme via our preferred supplier. This ensures that all students have the same capabilities; battery life, CPU power, hard drive space, warranty coverage, etc.

However, it is possible for families to use their own laptop on our network. This policy may change without notice, and the device is subject to review by the IT Department.


  1. $50 assessment fee – this fee covers technician time to review the unit and determine if it is suitable for school use.
  2. $220 enrolment fee – if the device passes the assessment above, this fee is for technician time to enrol it in our network.


A member of the IT team will assess the suitability of the laptop for school use. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Enrolment capability
  • Operating system
  • Battery capacity
  • CPU power
  • Hard drive space
  • Supported wireless protocols

The assessment fee is not refundable. 


A member of the IT team will take a backup of the laptop, wipe the hard drive clean, and install the school image onto it. This process ensures that all students have the same software and settings.

Eligible devices

As we are a Windows school, and our image is Windows based, we can only enrol laptops that are Windows-based.

The following devices are examples of device that cannot be enrolled:

  • Apple MacBooks
  • iPads/iPhones
  • Android-based tablets (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab)
  • Windows laptops three or more years old
  • Windows laptops that do not have an ethernet port

Support obligations from WHSC

If a device passes assessment and is enrolled successfully, the software and image applied to the device are both supported by WHSC’s IT Department. However, this support may be revoked without notice and is subject to the underlying capabilities of the device; if the hardware requirements of our image change (for example; image exceeds the hard drive capacity of the device) then we will no longer be able to support it in our environment.

WHSC assumes no liability for the device on school property, and will not offer any support or service for the physical hardware of the device.

Updated on August 29, 2016

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